Plagiarism Checking Services for Students

Our plagiarism checker is designed keeping students in mind. By providing this tool to students, we encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning by ensuring that their writing has been checked for plagiarism. Our checking services compare your text to results from around the web, databases, and academic journals to detect plagiarism immediately. Our scanning capabilities ensure your work is authentic and free of plagiarism. All you need to do to check your work for plagiarism is upload the document to our student plagiarism checking services. Once the document is uploaded, the files are scanned to find any similar content online. Within minutes, a full plagiarism report is generated.

Plagiarism Checking Services for Teachers

Plagiarism checker for teachers allows them to get more accurate results while saving precious time. This checker enables teachers to spend more time assessing the meaningful aspects of student writing instead of determining whether the content is original or plagiarized. Plagtracks is a simple and convenient tool for educators; as our software highlights the original text on the screen so teachers can easily refer to the original writing that was plagiarised.

Plagiarism Checking Services for Thesis

Plagtrack offers the best plagiarism checking services for thesis and research papers. Our skilled team has developed a simple plagiarism checking services that can help in rectifying the mistakes in thesis, research paper and articles. Plagtrack provides an instant plagiarism scan of the uploaded document and the report generated identifies the similarities and reoccurrences between any two or more separate documents. The report generated can also help in evaluating the plagiarism risk and finding bad citations. Our thesis checker can benefit you by providing best quality rectification of grammar along with plagiarism.