Plagiarism Checking Services For Institutions & Universities

Plagtrack offers plagiarism checking service for Universities and Academic institutions to ensure that projects, research papers, articles and thesis submitted by their students are plagiarism free. Our plagiarism checking service is designed for all academic staff in universities and institutions who can use the service to check the plagiarism within work submitted by their students.The service helps editors and publishers to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism by providing their editorial team with access to plagiarism checking service. We offer professional similarity detection and plagiarism prevention solution to universities and institutions who need constant, high-scale checking of their documents for plagiarism. Plagtrack uses an online plagiarism checking service with report generator for each of the document uploaded for checking, indicating the points of interest, errors, bad citations and calculates the risk of plagiarism. By introducing the plagiarism checking service, plagiarism can be easily identified and removed without compromising the academic integrity.